Talking with Lu & Bean about worms, love, and silly voices


Last week at the Minnesota Children’s Book Festival I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Lu & Bean, and their mom, Tracy, for their fantastic kids story podcast!

It was so much FUN! Not only did I get to read WORM LOVES WORM out loud, in all my goofy voices, but we also got o talk about Star Wars, my next book, and, naturally, awesome pants.


So if you want to hear all the voices that live in my head go over and give it a listen right here.

JJ Austrian Love is Love

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  1. Kerin Martinez

    My daughter and I just picked up a copy of “Worm Loves Worm” at the Texas Book Festival in Austin. It’s just fantastic. We love it. We read it 15 times in the line to meet Lois Lowry and then again as soon as we got home. Thank you for writing this. Much love.

    1. jjaustrian

      Wow! Waiting in line for Lois Lowry? I’m honored to be in such company.

      Thank you for your kind note. It made my day!

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