Pants of Month – February

This pair of pink paisleys seems appropriate for the month of February and Valentine’s Day.

While these pants aren’t vintage, they are fun and are one of the first pairs I purchased from Bonobos. paisly-pantsNormally, I don’t buy clothes online since I never know about fit, material, or return policy (though I’m sure it’s in the fine print!). Bonobos, however, has consistently delivered with great pants and service, and has become my main source of awesome pants. (If anyone from Bonobos is reading this, yes, I am interested in sponsorship.)

Also, one of my proudest parenting moments happened because of these pink beauties. I wore them to have lunch with my daughter at her school a few years ago and another little girl sitting at the table took one look at my pants and said, “Pink is for girls.” My daughter instantly answered back, “No! Pink is for everyone.” Exactly.

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