Yes, I am color blind. No, that isn’t the reason I wear such awesome pants.

My awesome dad is the reason I wear awesome pants.

My father held jobs that demanded he wear a suit and tie, and, thanks to my mother, my dad always dressed well. Stylish, but never flashy or trendy.

However, way, way back in a mystical, groovy time known as the early ‘70s, there was a brief moment where wild prints were worn to summer cocktail parties and get-togethers.

My straight-laced dad was one of these bold men in bold pants, and I loved him for it. I loved that he didn’t take himself too seriously. He was, and still is, a fun-loving person and great dad.

So, years later, when I was fortunate to inherit his collection of vintage pants, I began wearing them to events and parties as a way to honor my dad and not take myself too seriously. I’ve added to the collection over the years, and, while not all the pants are vintage, they are all fun and fairly loud… or so people tell me.

I am color blind, after all.

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